Speed Up your website 
by removing the unnecessary
CSS & JS files from your
Theme, Plugins and WP core.

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the ScriptManager new!

Faster page load = Happier Visitors = More Conversions = More Revenue

The Script Manager has 3 sections inside of it:

This Page – that shows all JS & CSS files that are loaded on the current page, grouped in Plugins, Themes and WordPress Core sections.

All Pages – that shows all of the JS & CSS scripts that you have disabled for the pages across your website.

Settings – here you can disable the upgrade nag, display Script Manager on archives or re-enable all scripts at once.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Track your WordPress Speed Optimization progress right from your admin dashboard with

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wp pagespeed

Disable 30+ WordPress Core Functions

Strip the “fat” off your website by removing the functionality that you don’t need.

● Disable Emojis
● Disable Embeds
● Remove Query Strings
● Disable XML-RPC
● Remove jQuery Migrate
● Hide WP Version
● Remove wlwmanifest Link
● Remove RSD Link
● Remove Shortlink
● Disable RSS Feeds
● Remove RSS Feed Links
● Disable Self Pingbacks

● Disable Dashicons
● Disable Google Maps
● Disable Google Fonts
● Disable Password Strength Meter
● Disable Comments
● Remove Comment URLs
● Reduce Heartbeat Frequency
● Limit Post Revisions
● Reduce Autosave Interval
● Change Login URL
● Disable REST API
WordPress Speed Optimization
Absolute Control over Google Analytics
 and WooCommerce files.

You control which of these plugins and services should be loaded on your website.

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● Host files locally     ● Set Tracking ID
● Choose Position     ● Disable Display Features
● Anonymize IPs        ● Track Logged In Admins
● Adjust Bounce Rate

WordPress Speed Optimization
WooCommerce Logo

● Disable Scripts
● Disable Cart Fragmentation
● Disable Status meta Box
● Disable Widgets

WordPress Speed Optimization
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● Enable CDN Rewrite
● Set Included Directories
● Set CDN Exclusions

WordPress Speed Optimization

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Most frequent questions and answers

5.4+ but I strongly recommend you to use PHP 7+, if you’re website is fully compatible with it, as it’s much faster than any PHP 5.* and it will make a big difference for your website’s backend speed.

No, Brisk is a WordPress Speed Optimization plugin and does not do any page caching. It just helps you unload .css and .js that you choose as not needed from specific pages (or all pages). This, combined with an existing caching plugin, will make your website pages load faster and get a higher score in speed checking tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights.

The known jQuery library is being used by many themes and plugins so it’s recommended to keep it on. jQuery Migrate was created to simplify the transition from older versions of jQuery. It restores deprecated features and behaviors so that older code will still run properly on jQuery 1.9 and later. 

Check out https://gtmetrix.com/ to do an analysis of your website and see the overall score your website gets in PageSpeed and YSlow. That way you will know if your page speed is below normal and needs more WordPress Speed Optimization.

Yes, this plugin was tested with W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket and WP Fastest Caching and should work with any caching plugin as any page should be cached only after the page (HTML Source) was rendered and all the enqueueing / dequeueing was already completed (from either the plugins or the theme).

Yes, the plugin has been tested for WordPress Multisite and all its settings are applied correctly to any of the sites that you will be updating.

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